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Full Body Silicone Girl- "Poppy"

Full Body Silicone Girl- "Poppy"

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**Ship time 2-4 weeks***

***updated 4/16/2024: please message to specify the eye color***

This baby is 19" long, weighs approx. 7lbs 7oz.  (The eye color can be brown, green or blue- Please email us to let us know which you prefer) 

The baby does have some seams on this sides and top of the head from the silicone pour- they are not that noticeable and normal for these dolls. 

This is a squishy little lovable baby that wears Preemie size clothes and newborn diapers!! 

A GREAT beginner silicone doll!


Remember silicone dolls are fragile, must be handled with care or they will tear.  


*Sold As-Is.  ALL Sales are final.*

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